Our Approach: 4 Phases

1) Intake

During our first (Zoom) meeting, we gladly listen as you describe your corporate situation and wishes.

Then we will outline our approach to your case and indicate the time required to provide quality advice and implementation.

Finally you can decide if our firm is indeed the very best option for your company and employees.


2) Relationship Manager

When you have become client of our company, we will directly inform you who will be your designated Relationship Manager.

Each Relationship Manager is an experienced  Corporate Pension Specialist and will be responsible for all contacts between you and our firm. Regarding both advice and client services.

As we are used to having clients in time zones from California to Australia, our Relationship Managers are flexible and easily reachable by email and mobile phone.

3) Approach

When you have chosen for our company, we will send the by compliance law required paperwork and follow this process and timeline:

  • We will provide the Pension Consultancy Contract.
  • We will send the Extensive Client/Employee Inventory Form.
  • We will request a Chamber of Commerce Registration and UBO Form.
  • We will check possibly existing legal pension fund obligations. If they do not exist, we will follow up in the following manner:
  • We will draft an English Employer Pension Memorandum explaining standard options and cost projections.
  • We will discuss that Memorandum with the Employer which will result in a certain desired approach that we can further investigate in detail.
  • After which we will request and compare the best matching quotes and explain the details in a second English Employer Pension Memorandum.
  • We will again discuss that Memorandum with the Employer.
  • Then we will drafting an English Employee Pension Memorandum and have a meeting with Employees explaining the content of the proposed new plan.
  • If your company has an Employees Counsel, that requires additional attention.
  • We will assist complete implementation of the new plan.
  • In the future you can always contact us if you might have any questions when dealing with new legislation or new employees.

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4) Aftercare

We are used to function as long-term trusted advisor for our global corporate clients.

Thus we gladly provide extensive aftercare.

If there are any changes within your company, we already know you and your situation.

So we can act quickly regarding new aspects.