Clients Abroad

A) Global

We have many Expat and Corporate Clients who are residing outside of The Netherlands.

This goes from the USA (both coasts and the deep south) to China to India to South-Africa. And of course the EU and UK.

For these clients we take care of their pension and investment related interests. Often with both Dutch and international aspects.

Corporate clients have expressed that it is convenient for them to use our firm as their trusted local hub regarding these sensitive issues.

clients abroad

As we only provide quality services and prefer to have long-term relations with our valued clients, this role as their single Dutch counselor and caretaker fits us like a glove.

And of which we are particular proud.

B) Communications

We focus on communication with both the Board abroad as well as with local management and local employees/participants.

Contact with management is in general through Teams Meetings. Only in case of sensitive issues or if requested by our client, we can also have in person meetings in The Netherlands or abroad. Which often is at hand in case of new pension plans or merger related projects.

In our communications we strive to provide clarity by focusing on essentials. We do not bother clients with minor actuarial/product details as that tends to create more issues than it solves.

C) License & Reviews

Needless to say we are a licensed firm with an impeccable reputation. Which reflects in our reviews.

Fides Probabit.