• A) Leading Role HR

    HR plays a central role in corporate pensions issues:

    • HR supervises procedures regarding existing pension plans. 
    • HR supervises all related current developments. 
    • HR maintains contact with external pension agencies and specialists.
    • HR initiates procedures towards new future proof pension plans.
    • HR informs The Board regarding all pension related implications.
    • HR supervises the implementation and communication of new pension plans. 
  • B) Services for HR: Insight without Technicalities

    Towards HR we present clear communications on headlines: Insight without technicalities.

    It is our pleasure to assist HR with the following services: 

    • We can provide timely and clear information, so HR can optimally anticipate new developments.
    • We can facilitate HR with the legal, tax, actuarial and product aspects of pensions.
    • We can ensure the legal and administrative implementation of new pension plans.
    • We can provide clear communications with all stakeholders regarding new pension plans.
    • We have special workshops to inform HR on certain specific national developments.
    • We have a special international workshops called ‘Trends in International Pension Plans for HR’.
  • C) HR Services Contract

    We can assist HR in the following way:

    • Contract for assistance towards selection and implementation of new pension plans.
    • Longer lasting contract through subscription for annual assistance at modest fixed price.
    • Contract for one time second opinion or specific project.