Corporate Pensions: Transfer Of Value

  • A) Individual Transfer Of Value

    Many employees who have acquired a pension claim in The Netherlands, have asked if it is possible to transfer their pension claim abroad to where they now live.

    State Pension claims are i.e. not transferable.

    Corporate pension claims can in theory be transfered if all conditions are met. In reality due to the rigid Dutch legislation it is almost never allowed.

  • B) Collective Transfer Of Value

    Regarding existing corporate pension claims, it is in theory possible to have them all transferred to new such claims if all conditions are met.

    In reality this does happen in case a company has selected a new and different pension provider and if all conditions are met and if the governmental supervisory agency DNB agrees with the transfer.

  • C) Advisable Or Not Depends On Circumstances

    Individual and collective tranfers of corporate pension claims are technical matters. Thus it is not possible to in general say if it is advisable to do so if possible. It really depends on the kind and nature of the former and new pension claims.